I       Poetry

Thomas Dooley: “Saint Louis Ballad”

Karen An-hwei Lee: “And Say If Yes”

Curtis Rogers: “Burnt Myrrh & Barbeque”

Margaret Shultz: “other space” and “how things slow down”

Peter Longofono: “Composition in Beeswax and Egg Tempera” and “Emancipat”

Sarah Sala: “Rothko’s Boy with Red Backpack

Chelsie Malyszek: “for the production of plants and animals”


II       Fiction

Ingrid Nordgaard: “We have been traveling for weeks now”


III       Architecture

Apoorva Khanolkar and Sofia Singler: “Hybrid City Hall: A City Hall for Everywhere and Nowhere”

Michael Miller: “Gravity’s Rainbow”


IV       Nonfiction

Asu Erden: “In Situ Hybridization”

Bryson Rand: “Untitled”

Allyn Hughes and Jody Joyner: “Video Mixer”


V       Art

Joseph Buckley: Double Page Spread For Allyn & Jody

Sara Cwynar: Avon President Washington Deep Woods After ShaveAvon 6 Label Removed (President Roosevelt), and Avon President Lincoln Deep Woods After Shave

Quinn Gorbutt: Studio View 5Studio View Portal, and Trash 2

Patrick Groth: Bar (6) and Bar (4)

Cole Don Kelley: 2015

Cindy Ji Hye Kim: Twenty-four

Maria de Los Angeles: Behind Stereotype

Robin Myers: Face 1Face 2, and Face 3

Laura Foxgrover: Ultimate Problem Premium Lock Melt and Instant Pure Control Mega-Bio Plus

Christina Quarles: Straight to the Quick

Bryson Rand: Untitled (Okinawa) and Untitled (New Haven)

Raf Rennie: Network/Outcast (Psycho-Pass) and Explorations in UI and Network/Outcast (Psycho-Pass) and TXTS, Part I